Meet CEO and Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Robert A. Behar

Meet Dr. Robert A. Behar

Dr. Behar is the founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of North Cypress Medical Center.   He is also a practicing Radiation Oncologist and the Director of North Cypress Cancer Center.

A native of Chicago, Dr. Behar knew by age six that he wanted to be a doctor, although no one in his family was in the medical field.   His father, a Cuban businessman, fled Castro’s regime and worked as many as four jobs to establish a home for his family of five.

When he won the Chicago City Science Fair his freshman year in high school, Behar attracted the attention of several physicians on the faculty of the University of Chicago School of Medicine.   Through one’s assistance, Behar applied early to the university and was admitted at age 16.   He went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors at age 19 and became the youngest medical student in his class at University of Chicago.

During his internship and residency at Northwestern and Stanford respectively, Behar studied under faculty who were radiation oncology pioneers.   Upon completion, he joined a large physician group in Florida and later went on to hold leadership positions in Brachytherapy at Memorial Hospital in Hollywood, Florida, as well as serving on the clinical faculty at the University of Miami.

Dr. Behar moved to Houston in 1993 to become Medical Director of the Spring Branch Radiation Oncology Center at Spring Branch Medical Center.   He also created his radiation oncology practice, Western Radiation Oncology Associates.

Behar and a group of local physicians created the concept of North Cypress Medical Center and opened the hospital in 2007.  Their goal was to create a hospital that offered patients the latest, state of the art technology coupled with five star customer service.   The hospital will be celebrating its 10 year anniversary soon.

Fluent in English, Spanish and French, he is an international lecturer, published author, and his expertise in the field of Radiation Oncology has attracted patients from all over the world.  In his spare time, he enjoys flying, hunting, skiing, and traveling with his family.



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