Countdown to Kindergarten :(

In a matter of weeks, your baby will be off to Kindergarten.   For many parents and children, the first day of Kindergarten brings both excitement and a boat load of tears.   Most have visited the school and many will meet the teacher, as well as  visit the classroom prior to the first day.   But NOTHING prepares the family (especially mom), for the first day!   I remember the first day of Kindergarten for my children (twins)  – worried they would be upset in class as it was the first time they were in separate classes, worry about them getting on the right bus on the way home, did they know how to buy their lunch, etc.   Here are a group of GREAT articles that help to ease the stress for both parents and the child – Kindergarten resources

Despite all of the angst associated with the first day, it usually always turns out great!   Take pictures, encourage your child and have a great time!!

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